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Asus F540SC Driver Windows 10 64 bit

Asus F540SC Driver Windows 10 64 bit – A direct, 15.6-inch tablet in view of CPU Braswell, who F540SA-XX087T can be obtained just shy of 280 Euro (~ $ 315). Fee for combining Windows 10 and 500 GB hard drive. Asus has also introduced the Type-C USB port on the PC minimal effort. With its F540 models Asus has another lineup moderate 15.6-inch portable PC. Test our survey are evaluated below 300 Euro (~ $ 338). Braswell driven by the PC processor from Intel. This tablet does not need to be a rival. We will, for example, says Acer Extensa 2519, Acer Aspire ES1-521, 250 G4 HP, and Lenovo IdeaPad 100-15IBD.

A brilliant metal packaging can not be normal for 280 Euro (~ $ 315). the packaging is made completely of plastic. on the basis of the unit is a silver-shaded and the back cover is cocoa. Asus complete both parts in brushed metal surface reproduces. Asus promotes mainly quite light weight portable workstation for just shy of 1.9 kg (~ 4.2 lb). fabrication that does not give many objectives behind the grumbling, despite the fact that the dependence of the portable PC could have been something more.

The base unit can be curved too easy for our taste.Portable workstation does not have a maintenance hatch. To get to the innards, all the screws on the bottom must be removed to open the package. At that time enabled portable PC right again and the top plate can be evacuated. This is best done with a start in the right front corner. Consideration is required after the upper plate completed with plastic meshes can break effectively. In addition, the top plate is associated with the motherboard via two links Strip.Although the typical interface, which is an additional highlight F540SA USB Type-C USB 3.1 ports backing Gen 1 standard.

Laying interface is not perfect. left wrist rest area will not remain free from the link. The memory card Peruser quite moderate. Transmission 250 documents JPG images (approx. 5 MB respectively) conducted at 33 MB / s. We tested Peruser Pro SDXC memory cards with 64 cards UHS-II reference GB Toshiba Exceria us. Asus has introduced the console keypad in the dark with the F540SA. console design compared to the unit that we know of other portable PCs minimal effort by Asus. level, coarse soft keys have a drop of medium and heavy point clear.

The keys are very smooth-running; we think their resistance could be more crisp. Console results when writing on it – more on the inside than on the edge. Which negatively affects writing knowledge. Spacing makes a terrible impression. This critique is very chewy. We assume that the key is not installed right. Is our audit testing is a solitary case we are not sure. In general, this is not a console for journalists productive.

This model has been planned for use at home rarely.Multi-touch ClickPad in F540SA which has a size of approximately 10.5 x 7.2 cm (~ 4:13 x 2.8 in). It provides ample space for motion control. Single signal can be turned on and off in the settings menu of this pillow. This pillow smooth surface allows fingers to shore effectively. pillow has a short drop and a clear emphasis.

F540SA is equipped with a glossy 15.6-inch screen that has a local determination of 1366×768 pixels. Board satisfactory with a decent difference (827: 1), but that is shining (200.4 cd / m²) is too low. Past that, the display shows the PWM shimmering in the recurrence of 200 Hz on shining level of 90% and lower. It can promote eye problems and migraines in fine clients. Screen introduces shading DeltaE 2000 deviation of 13.07 in transport conditions.

These levels are very far from the reach of interest (DeltaE less than 3). the screen did not experience any ill effects of color rather blue. Profile shading preloaded looks positive here. Asus has equipped F540SA the survey point TN subordinate boards. Therefore, the screen can not be examined from their respective positions. These tablets can not be used outside. glowing screen was reduced further promote in battery mode. In addition, the board has a bright surface.

With F540SA, Asus has important, 15.6-inch tablet offices in the lineup. The tablet is suitable for direct utilize office and Internet applications. Our survey test costs around 280 Euro (~ $ 315). It is sold only 230 Euro (~ $ 259) without Windows 10. The different setups are also available.

Asus F540SC Driver Windows 10 64 bit

You can get all kinds of drivers for Notebook / Laptop Asus from site. To download the drivers on this site please download directly on the link we have provided in the table.

How to Install Driver Asus:
Here is how to install the driver in laptop and notebook Asus, steps as follows.

1.Download Drivers in the table below.
2.Click and select driver download and extract files
3.Please you follow the instructions provided and click Next
4.Then click Finish
5.Click Restart Pc or Notebook

That’s how to install the driver asus laptop, please follow the instructions that we gave above, please download the drivers you need on the download link in the table below.

Asus F540SC Driver Windows 10 64 bit

Intel INF Update Driver
nVidia Graphics Driver
Intel Graphics Driver
Realtek LAN Driver
Qualcomm Atheros Wireless Lan Driver and Application
ASUS Wireless Radio Control (A driver to make you switch Airplane mode(Wireless) On/Off)
Realtek Wireless Lan Driver and Application
Realtek BlueTooth driver
Qualcomm Atheros BlueTooth driver

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