Asus K53E Driver Download

Asus K53E Drivers Download – stylish laptop with a metal-coated case

This version contains all updates (SP1) or other releases
IceCool technology: the area of the case under your hands is always cool
Aluminum surface of the housing
An ergonomic keyboard that has earned an award from the iF design competition
Second-generation Intel® Core™ processor

Solid metal case

The durable aluminum coating and beautiful color scheme make the laptop both practical and elegant. This K-series model is a perfect combination of modern computer technology and impeccable style.

High computing power

The new K-series laptops are equipped with second-generation Intel® Core™ processors that combine high performance with low power consumption, which is important for mobile computers.

IceCool Technology
A key feature of ASUS laptops with IceCool technology is that the hot components are placed on the underside of the motherboard, away from the user’s hands, so the upper part of the case always remains comfortably cool.

Asus K53E

Ergonomic keyboard
The IF Award-winning Ergonomic Chiclet Keyboard

A dust-proof keyboard with large keys will appeal to all users who work a lot with text.

Palm Proof Technology

Palm Proof technology prevents false touchpad triggers if, for example, the user accidentally touches it with the palm of his hand while typing on the keyboard.

Asus K53E Driver Download for Windows 8

Driver / Utilites / SoftwareOperating system 
BIOS 221 Version 221Windows 8 / 10 64-bitDownload
ASUS Live Update Version 3.6.8Windows 8 / 10 64-bitDownload
European Eco Label Version V1.0Windows 8 / 10 64-bitDownload
KCC Certification Version V1.0Windows 8 / 10 64-bitDownload

Asus K53E Driver Download for Windows 7

Driver / Utilites / SoftwareOperating system 
Intel Graphics Driver Version V8.15.10.2462Windows 7 64-bitDownload
Realtek Audio Driver Version V6.0.1.6304Windows 7 64-bitDownload
Atheros LAN Driver Version V1.0.2.43Windows 7 64-bitDownload
Alcor Multi-Card Reader Driver Version V1.2.0117.08443Windows 7 64-bitDownload
Elantech Touchpad driver Version V8.0.5.3Windows 7 64-bitDownload
Touchpad driver Version V15.3.6.0Windows 7 64-bitDownload
Intel Rapid Storage Technology driver Version V10.5.0.1026Windows 7 64-bitDownload
Intel Management Engine Interface Version V7.0.0.1144Windows 7 64-bitDownload
The Turbo Boost Monitor application Version V1.0.400.4Windows 7 64-bitDownload
Infineon TPM Driver Version V3.6Windows 7 64-bitDownload
Keyboard Device Filter Utility Version V1.0.0.3Windows 7 64-bitDownload
ASUS Liveupdate Version V3.6.8Windows 7 64-bitDownload
ASUS Wireless Switch (Wireless Console3) Utility Version V3.0.25Windows 7 64-bitDownload
ASUS Virtual Camera Utility (The Camera driver must be installed.) Version V1.0.24Windows 7 64-bitDownload
ATKACPI driver and hotkey-related utilities Version V1.0.0014Windows 7 64-bitDownload
Atheros Wireless Lan Driver and Application Version V9.2.0.458Windows 7 64-bitDownload
Intel Wireless Display Application Version V2.1.42.0Windows 7 64-bitDownload
Microsoft Hotfix Version V2.0Windows 7 64-bitDownload
Microsoft Hotfix Version KB981208Windows 7 64-bitDownload
Microsoft Hotfix Version KB975599Windows 7 64-bitDownload
AsMedia USB3.0 Driver Version V1.14.2.0Windows 7 64-bitDownload
USB3.0 Driver Version V1.6.3.0Windows 7 64-bitDownload
Intel INF Update Driver Chipset Version V9.2.0.1015Windows 7 64-bitDownload
Azurewave BlueTooth driver Version V7.4.0.40Windows 7 64-bitDownload
Atheros BlueTooth driver Version V7.4.0.98Windows 7 64-bitDownload
Intel BlueTooth driver Version V1.1.0.0157Windows 7 64-bitDownload
Chicony Camera Driver Version V061.005.200.440Windows 7 64-bitDownload
Azurewave Camera Driver Version V5.8.55133.208Windows 7 64-bitDownload
Microsoft Hotfix Version KB2482122Windows 7 64-bitDownload

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