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Asus Q302LA Drivers Windows 10

Asus Q302LA Drivers Windows 10 – Asus is more than just Zenbooks and Transformers apart from displaying lineup focused on the top line. manufacturers offer many alternatives on opposite sides of various for individuals who may prefer not impose large for the latest in portable equipment. Q302 is a model of spending plans more sensible to pivot 360 degrees to better speak to those who are looking for multi-setting reasons.For about $ 500, a 13.3-inch test model we came equipped with a Core i3-4030U, 2 GB RAM, 1366 x 768 showcase, and a 500 GB HDD. We put the model through a quick setup we tested in this brief audit to check whether the spending plan conscious shoppers should consider the option of this convertible.Aesthetically, Asus Q302 has a profile that is smooth and level it as it now puts it on top of the other plan expenses journal within the value range this. The external aluminum top and base made the initial pad looks more wasteful than it really is temporary basis rough matte plastic composition as opposed to a smooth surface on the setting Lenovo Edge and Dell XPS 13. Build quality is great considering the cost of the rigid pivot and base , above do not distort so effective because of the small screen size and to some degree the thick bezel, but pressed at the focal point of the top external causes darkness still detectable.Weight is a touch on the side substantially in a little more than 1.8 kg. It is a few hundred grams heavier than the competing Acer Aspire V3 (1.5 kg) and only slightly above the HP Pavilion 13 x360 (1.76 kg). For this examination, the famous and more expensive Samsung Ativ Book 9 comes in 1.4 kg. While Asus is heavier, it improves the working of the financial plan model Acer Aspire. Meanwhile, nonetheless, it would be hard to hold in tablet mode for times more ports time.Available combine nuts and bolts with a special case that stands out. Clients will rush to see that the framework does not have a Gigabit Ethernet port, which powers the utilization of distance. Regardless, 2x USB 3.0 ports should consider the wide variety of non-specific docking station to highlight additional network if needed.With no one RJ-45 to be seen, Asus rely on the WLAN for availability. Half smaller than MT7630E MediaTek PCIe card is usually suitable for n away with the included Bluetooth 4.0. We did not see an association or dropout problem in our time with the test model. No, that as it may, the client reports the availability problem with this particular MediaTek card when using the more experienced drivers. Redesigning a driver for each v5.00.44.0 levels should keep any related issues.

Asus Q302LA Drivers Windows 10

You can get all kinds of drivers for Notebook / Laptop Asus from site. To download the drivers on this site please download directly on the link we have provided in the table.

How to Install Driver Asus:
Here is how to install the driver in laptop and notebook Asus, steps as follows.

1.Download Drivers in the table below.
2.Click and select driver download and extract files
3.Please you follow the instructions provided and click Next
4.Then click Finish
5.Click Restart Pc or Notebook

That’s how to install the driver asus laptop, please follow the instructions that we gave above, please download the drivers you need on the download link in the table below.

Asus Q302LA Drivers Windows 10 64 bit

Intel INF Update Driver
2015/08/19 update, Version V10.1.1.7 , 2.7 MBytes
ATKACPI driver and hotkey-related utilities
2015/08/31 update, Version V1.0.0038 , 11.81 MBytes
Audio / Sound
Realtek Audio Driver
2015/10/13 update, Version V6.0.1.7589 , 226.78 MBytes
VGA / Video / Display
Intel Graphics Driver
2015/08/19 update, Version V10.18.15.4240.01 , 342.16 MBytes
Intel Graphics Driver
2015/09/11 update, Version V10.18.15.4274.01 , 180.43 MBytes
Card Reader
Alcor Multi-Card Reader Driver
2015/08/28 update, Version V20.6.20117.44471 , 16.59 MBytes
TouchPad / Mouse
ASUS Smart Gesture (Touchpad Driver)
2015/07/23 update, Version V4.0,5 , 50.29 MBytes
Applications / Utilities
ASUS Live Update Utility
2015/09/09 update, Version V3.3.5 , 9.87 MBytes
Gaming Assistant [only for 4K panel and NVidia GPU]
2015/09/22 update, Version V1.0.2 , 1.58 MBytes
ASUS FlipLock
2015/09/10 update, Version V1.0.9 , 6.37 MBytes
ASUS Splendid Video Enhancement Technology
2015/08/14 update, Version V3.11.0001 , 7.74 MBytes
ASUS USB Charger Plus
2015/07/24 update, Version V4.1.6 , 10.86 MBytes
ASUS HDD Protection(For Windows 10 Upgrade)
2015/07/24 update, Version V4.07.0067 , 29.09 MBytes
Intel Wireless Lan Driver and Application
2015/09/15 update, Version V18.11.0.8 , 193.26 MBytes
Ralink Wireless Lan Driver and Application
2015/08/13 update, Version V5.0.57.0 , 16.46 MBytes
ASUS Wireless Radio Control
2015/08/14 update, Version V1.0.0.4 , 156.15 KBytes
Qualcomm Atheros Wireless Lan Driver and Application
2015/08/13 update, Version V10.0.0.321 , 43.71 MBytes
Qualcomm Atheros BlueTooth driver
2015/08/13 update, Version V10.0.1.1 , 7.74 MBytes
Ralink BlueTooth driver
2015/08/13 update, Version V11.0.761.0 , 80 MBytes
Intel BlueTooth driver
2015/08/13 update, Version V17.1.1524.1353 , 6.19 MBytes
Intel Rapid Storage Technology driver
2015/09/09 update, Version V14.6.0.1029 , 2.23 MBytes
Intel Management Engine Interface
2015/09/10 update, Version V11.0.0.1162 , 62.93 MBytes
Invensense G-sensor driver
2015/09/15 update, Version V84.90.1.19 , 1.82 MBytes
Intel® Dynamic Platform and Thermal Framework Driver
2015/08/31 update, Version V8.1.10600.147 , 19.05 MBytes
Intel® Collaborative Processor Performance Control Driver
2015/08/13 update, Version V1.0.0.1018 , 1.36 MBytes



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