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Asus ROG GX800VH Driver Download

Asus ROG GX800VH Driver Download – On the off chance that we needed to portray the ASUS ROG GX800, we could characterize it as a hybrid of an ASUS and MSI GX700 GT83S Titan, two of the most capable gamestation available for use. We will likewise clarify why: the fluid cooling framework (what ASUS calls Hydro Overclocking System) has not changed, but rather the body is raised to make space for a bigger screen 18.4-inch and two illustrations cards. We saw the ASUS GX800VH live at Computex 2016, and on that event we attempted to make a video-sneak peak, very much aware that the showed model could be altogether different from the last form that will be propelled toward the end of summer and possibly we meet again at IFA 2016, in a little more than a month. ASUS in these months will center its endeavors on a portion of the gaming scratch pad highlights: console and touchpad, and construct nature of the case materials, programming, WiFi module, cooling framework, sound, autonomy and dependability of the framework. The ASUS last GX800VH could be altogether different (yet not tastefully) from the model that we concentrated nearly a couple of months back, yet at any rate our hands-on gives you a first thought of the capability of this auto.ASUS ROG GX800VH will accompany an Intel Core 2.7 GHz processor i7-6820HK, overclockable to 4.4GHz, up to 64GB of DDR4-2400MHz RAM memory in four openings and three narrows for SSD Samsung SM951 512GB NVMe M.2 (RAID 0 ). The specimen indicated is outfitted with two Nvidia GeForce GTX 980 illustrations cards in SLI that, in the last form, ASUS will supplant with Nvidia GeForce 1080 GTX (Pascal), and a 18.4-inch screen with determination 4K Ultra HD matte, hostile to glare, to encourage the review even outside and not eye strain after long gaming sessions, with G-Sync innovation. Basically ASUS GX800 is the intense gaming scratch pad on the planet.The machine likewise joins a couple of 330-watt power supplies, so they can give the vitality expected to the hardest gaming sessions, and a mechanical console called MechTAG (Advanced Mechanical Tactile Gaming) illuminated with RGB LED and against ghosting innovation.The outline is fundamentally the same as all’Asus GX700, with the effective mix of metal (top) and polycarbonate (embeds and subtle elements), yet the measurements are much more noteworthy. The ASUS GX800 weighs 5.69 kg (twice a GX700 touching 3.9kg), and – including the fluid cooling framework (4.7 Kg) – the scales surpasses 10 Kg. On the off chance that we consider likewise the two feeders (1280 grams each), the heaviness of this machine achieves 13 kg, for all intents and purposes double the heaviness of a MSI GT80S (6.3 Kg) that has the same gear yet stand out force supply and is without the cooling framework. However, regardless: ASUS GX800 is a desktop substitution that discovers its optimal setting on the work area at home.The docking will work simply like that dell’ASUS GX700: when the journal is associated with the base with fluid cooling, you can turn up the processor recurrence and in this way the execution abilities of every single real part, on the grounds that the vitality and warmth delivered by the machine It will be all around oversaw by the outer cooling framework at the same time, exactly when the snared dock the scratch pad “resize” its execution (around 10-15% less). The two are not compatible dock.With respect to the interfaces, on the back side perceive the connectors for the cooling fluid and for the assistant force supply (fundamental in overclocking mode), on the right side we have two USB 3.0 ports, radio wire and a SD memory peruser, while as an afterthought left there are a USB 3.0, two sound jacks, HDMI 2.0, DisplayPort 1.4, USB Type-C Thunderbolt and 3, Gigabit Ethernet, WiFi 802.11ac 2×2 MIMO and Bluetooth 4.1. At last the cost, albeit still obscure, it will be high: ASUS ROG GX800VH could have the same cost of the GX700, so around 5000 Euros, or even beat it (there is as of now discuss $ 7000).

Asus ROG GX800VH Driver Download

You can get all kinds of drivers for Notebook / Laptop Asus from site. To download the drivers on this site please download directly on the link we have provided in the table.

How to Install Driver Asus:
Here is how to install the driver in laptop and notebook Asus, steps as follows.

1.Download Drivers in the table below.
2.Click and select driver download and extract files
3.Please you follow the instructions provided and click Next
4.Then click Finish
5.Click Restart Pc or Notebook

That’s how to install the driver asus laptop, please follow the instructions that we gave above, please download the drivers you need on the download link in the table below.

Asus ROG GX800VH Driver Download for Windows 10 64 bit

DownloadNVIDIA Graphics Driver V23.21.13.8857
DownloadNVIDIA Graphics Driver VGA nVidia
DownloadAudio Realtek VER6018125
DownloadAsus Sonic Suite Plugins Version 2.4.17
DownloadChipset ThunderBolt Intel VER16252250
DownloadBluetooth Intel VER191116390649
DownloadBIOS VHKAS304
DownloadATK Package V100061
DownloadWinflash VER322
DownloadTouchpad ASUS VER110030
DownloadCardReader_Genesys VER4540
DownloadWireless Radio Control VER1006
DownloadLAN Realtek VER10107142016
DownloadBIOS GX800VHKAS311

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