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ASUS X441BA driver download

The ASUS X441BA laptop has excellent multimedia capabilities. Equipped with a powerful Intel ® Core ™ processor, it will cope with the most resource-intensive tasks. Exclusive SonicMaster audio technology with ICEpower ® software provides unprecedented sound quality for mobile computers.

Bright classics in laptop Asus

Designed for everyday tasks, the ASUS X441 laptops come in several stylish body colors: silver, brown, turquoise, white and red. The surface of the case can be smooth or textured, with a concentric or polished pattern applied to it.

Created for digital entertainment

The ASUS X441UA laptop boasts excellent multimedia capabilities. Exclusive SonicMaster audio technology with ICEpower ® software, as well as proprietary ASUS Splendid and ASUS Tru2Life Video technologies, provide unprecedented sound quality and excellent image quality for mobile computers.

ASUS SonicMaster Audio Technology

SonicMaster audio technology with ICEpower ® software provides crystal clear sound.

This laptop model uses 3-watt speakers with an enlarged resonant chamber (24 cm3 volume) and a special transmission line for powerful and clear sound in a wide frequency range. In addition, the laptop speakers are subjected to high-precision tuning for guaranteed high sound quality.
To adjust the sound, use the AudioWizard function, which offers you to choose from five options for the audio system, each of which is ideal for a specific type of application (music, movies, games, etc.).
An unprecedented level of detail
ASUS Tru2Life Video technology optimizes the sharpness and contrast of video at the level of individual pixels to more accurately convey shades and improve the overall image quality.
Eye Care Mode
Short electromagnetic waves, corresponding to the purple-blue edge of the spectrum, have more energy, so they have a stronger effect on the retina of the eye. In the ASUS Eye Care mode, this component of the visible spectrum is filtered to improve reading comfort and reduce the harmful effect of blue light on vision.
Uncompromising performance
The high computing power of the ASUS X441BA laptop guarantees fast operation of any, even the most resource-intensive, applications. Its hardware configuration includes a modern Intel ® processor, up to the Core ™ i7 model, up to 8 gigabytes of RAM (expandable to 16 GB) and the Windows 10 Home operating system. A hard disk with a capacity of up to 1 TB is available for storing files. In addition, a high-speed solid-state drive can be installed in these models.
Super Speed with SSD drive
Installing a solid-state drive (SSD) in the system provides a number of advantages, including: a significant increase in speed in working with data, an increase in overall performance, faster system startup and improved physical data protection.
Drivers are required for the laptop to work. It is very important to install all the driver files for your laptop, only after that all its functions will be available. Below you can download all the necessary driver files for Asus X441BA laptop.

Asus X441B Drivers Download for Windows

DownloadScreenovate ASUS Sync Driver
DownloadBIOS X441BAAS310
DownloadWireless Lan DCH Qualcomm Atheros Z V10.0.3.462
DownloadWireless Lan DCH Realtek Z V2024.0.4.208
DownloadLAN DCH Realtek Z V10.037.1028.2019
DownloadWireless Radio Control ASUS VER10012
DownloadPrecision TouchPad DCH ASUS Z V11.0.0.32
DownloadICEsound VER101711
DownloadBluetooth DCH Qualcomm Atheros Z V10.0.0.927
DownloadBluetooth DCH_Realtek Z V1.7.1019.3002
DownloadATK Package V100061
DownloadASUS Splendid 288
DownloadASUS Device Activation V1.0.7.0
DownloadLiveUpdate VER3610
DownloadASUS Touchpad Handwriting VER205
DownloadWinflash VER32100
DownloadAudio Realtek Z V6.0.8858.1
DownloadVGA APU AMD Z V26.20.11022.11001

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